“Goodbye Cortana: Windows’ New Artificial Intelligence Tool is Coming Soon!”

"Microsoft's new artificial intelligence tool for Windows 11, Windows Copilot, was revealed for the first time. Here are the details..."

Microsoft announced earlier this month that support for Cortana, its artificial intelligence tool for Windows, will be discontinued. Afterwards, the company shared that it started working on Windows Copilot and is preparing to start tests for it.

Copilot for Windows 11 is on its way!

Microsoft, which decided to close the Cortana service because it did not show enough interest and useless, announced earlier this month that Windows Copilot, supported by Bing Chat, will be added instead.

According to the news of WindowsLatest, Microsoft is preparing to test Windows Copilot by offering it to Windows 11 Insider users in the near future. According to the reports, the company recently released a major artificial intelligence update for only some users.

With this update, a test version of Windows Copilot was also seen. According to the source, this artificial intelligence tool can work integrated with the operating system, even though it is based on Bing. It has the ability to make a setting change via Windows. For example, while it can activate Do Not Disturb mode, it can also open any program.

According to the reports, Copilot can also access open applications. For example, if the Outlook application is open, you can ask the AI tool to write an email. You can also print an article if you are in the Word program.

Although it seems to give an error in the images we share, let us remind you that Windows Copilot is currently in the test version. So this will be fixed. As you can see, when “Turn on dark mode” is said, it gives an appropriate suggestion. So this means that it works integrated with the operating system.

Microsoft is expected to present its new artificial intelligence tool to Insider users soon. It is not clear when this will happen, but estimates are that an update will be released in the coming weeks. We will see this together.

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