Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube™

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that will improve your user experience on YouTube™. If you find it useful you can share the link on Facebook™ or share the link on Twitter™.

Keyboard shortcuts when the video player has the focus

Note: You can give the focus to the video player by clicking an empty space below the progress bar between the left and right controls, this way the video will not be paused. Alternatively, since the version of Youtube Ultra Tools™ you can configure a keyboard shortcut to give the focus to the video player. See the Manage extension shortcuts in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera page.


  • Spacebar: Toggle Play/Pause
  •  and : Increase and decrease volume by 5%
  •  and : Seek backward/forward 5 seconds
  • j: Seek backward 10 seconds
  • l: Seek forward 10 seconds
  • ,: Seek backward 1 frame when the video is paused
  • .: Seek forward 1 frame when the video is paused
  • 0 to 9: Seek to a specific point in the video (4 advances to 40% of duration, 5 to 50%, etc…)
  • : Seek to the beginning of the video
  • End: Seek to the end of the video
  • Ctrl + : Seek to the previous chapter
  • Ctrl + : Seek to the next chapter
  • < (Shift + ,): Decrease playback speed
  • > (Shift + .): Increase playback speed
  • Shift + n: Move to the next video
  • Shift + p: Move to the previous video (playlist only)

Subtitles and closed captions

  • c: Toggle On/Off subtitles/closed captions if available
  • +: Rotate through font sizes (increasing)
  • -: Rotate through font sizes (decreasing)
  • o: Rotate through different text opacity levels
  • w: Rotate through different window opacity levels

Spherical videos

  • w: Pan up
  • s: Pan down
  • a: Pan left
  • d: Pan right
  • + on numpad or ]: Zoom in
  • - on numpad or [: Zoom out

Global keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts can be used when the video player either has or doesn’t have the focus, but they are inactive when you are typing some text.

  • / (: on AZERTY keyboard): Go to search box
  • k: Toggle Play/Pause
  • m: Toggle Mute/Unmute
  • f: Toggle full screen mode
  • t: Toggle theater mode
  • i: Toggle miniplayer mode
  • Escape: Exit full screen mode, close miniplayer, close dialogs
  • awesome: Toggle YouTube’s “Party mode” (blinking progress bar)

Controlling the video player with the Tab key

When the video player has the focus press Tab or Shift + Tab to navigate forward or backward throughout the different controls, and press Spacebar or Enter to use the control that is selected. The     keys can also be used to navigate in the settings menu but using Tab or Shift + Tab gives you more control. Press Escape to close the settings menu.

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