WhatsApp homepage is changing on iOS!

A change will soon take place in the WhatsApp iOS app that concerns millions of people. We’ve got a new image of the homepage.

WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular messaging software on iOSas well as android,is a platform where we sometimes spend hours a day. WhatsApp, which has been a user favorite for years with its end-to-end encryption and simple interface, has been unreliable in privacy since last year, but it is still huge in popularity. Millions of iOS users will soon encounter slightly different interface when they open WhatsApp. We’ve got a new video.

WhatsApp iOS app will undergo a minor change

It appeared on WABetaInfo, which pre-reports features coming to WhatsApp, that a small number of beta users have changes to the WhatsApp homepage. It is known that the feature is under development, which not even all beta users have tried yet. The update removesthe ‘New Group’ and ‘Bulk Message’ options on WhatsApp’s homepage on iOS.

whatsapp ios

On the left side of the image above, you see the current version of the homepage and on the right side you see it will be in the next update. At the bottom, you are displaying the menu design that will be available with the next update. Although it is not clear when this small user experience change will come to WhatsApp, the process can take several weeks. Because this change has not yet reached beta users.

Another feature that is reported in later updates is related to chat notifications. With the update, soon when you receive a message from WhatsApp, the profile photo of the person who sent the message will appear in thenotification. Also, if the message you receive comes from a group and you are mentioned directly (such as “@Emre“), WhatsApp will tell you.

If you’re not aware of the mention feature on WhatsApp, try making a ‘@’ sign with your keyboard in a group of multiple people. By talking about the people in the group, you will ensure that they receive notifications even if they have both avoided confusion and muted the group.

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