What Will Happen In Tokyo Ghoul:re? Who Is Haise Sasaki?

“Tokyo Ghoul:re, 54. I was going to write in English, but I changed my mind at the last minute. I hope that I am not the only madman in the Geography of Turkey who is looking forward to every new episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re and knows all the theories about him by heart. I still have hope… Maybe I’ll write the English version later. If I wrote, you said, “I won’t write.” Why did you write it?”

Tokyo Ghoul, as you know, ended in 2014. We’re in Tokyo Ghoul:re now. Of course, it’s not just those who have watched the an anim. So if you eat spoiler mpoi, don’t make me sour or e-mail words. I’ve had a lot of talk about the theory I wrote last week that Arima was Ken Kaneki’s father. You’re counting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
You know, when someone says, “I’m going to get spoilers, what do I care?” I thought I’d start talking about division. Oh, my God!
Ken Kaneki was the last time the Doves – ccg, specially trained policemen fighting against the Ghouls – encountered Arima during the Anteiki Attack. Here, tokyo ghoul:re starts right here. Arima won’t let go of what she didn’t do to Kaneki. There are some horrific scenes here. I open it up and reread it. Kaneki losing control of his cacophony, Arima’s Yukimura (weapons made of Ghouls used by the police, which they killed themselves), Kaneki coming in and out of the other side, Kaneki losing control, (the effect of the spear stuck in his brain is great, of course) and he started humming the poem his father taught him, which he didn’t even remember who he was, and Arima somehow!! His understanding of this poem that kaneki ken is and “So, It’s you…” Say. Then darkness, then Tokyo Ghoul:re.
HHoop Tokyo Ghoul:re
Three years later, we’re dealing with a friend whose hair is white, but black at the bottom, who at first glance can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl. This friend’s name is Haise Sasaki. He works for the CCG, the task force, and he’s the leader of his own group. Look at him, he’s a book-loving, withdrawn type like Kaneki Ken. He looks like our Kaneki in every way. Except, of course, with a difference; He’s meeting Haise Arima and shopping for books. That’s how you learn to fight. He was Kaneki’s archenem as we know him, Arima. You know, the psychopathic cop who repeatedly stabbed her to death, broke her skull, smashed her eye, she calls Arima “Dad,” Haise. We say, “How?” Then we realize that our Kaneki Ken has lost his memory and joined the CCG even though he’s a Ghoul. But all his colleagues, his superiors and his aces have the authority to kill him as soon as his memory comes back. So against the Ghouls, they’re using a hell of a weapon like Kaneki, who’s out of memory. We find out later that everyone on his team is also a Ghoul. They’re called Quinx. But none like Kaneki. They’re completely under control and can eat their normal food. They’re like people with Ghoul guns, but they still have a much higher RC rate in their blood than a normal person. Of course, Urie’s 54th-place 54th-place 20th-place 10th-place 10th-place 10th-place 10th In Division, we see that Shirazu is gradually losing his human side and losing control and becoming something like “HUEHRUERJK”, just like in the early days of kaneki. The rest of them are horseshoeing again, of course. I love Tooru, but I’ll give Saiko a hair.
Haise Sasaki. I thought she was the first woman.
There’s a ton of stuff going on. Two that are actually women but have been pretending to be men for years! the character appears. Key characters. You remember our Tsukiyama. The maniac who tries to eat Kaneki every chance he gets. Heh was dead for three years, so he fell into bed. He’s out of power. He’s not hiding it anymore, but he’s in love with Kaneki. And the moment he finds out he’s not dead, he runs to Kaneki, Haise, without a moment’s thought. He jumps in front of you first, like a maniac. And when he sees that Haise doesn’t remember him, he promises the others that he’ll restore his memory. (Touka-chan and Nikishima-san. These two characters have yet to contribute to fiction. We’ve only seen it in one or two places) Tsukiyama finds Haise reading in a park. They’re talking. Haise seems confused. Our white-haired Kaneki does it every once in a while. But he is directly considered bad by Haise Ghoul, pushing Kaneki deeper into his subconscious. At a time like this, surrounded by Kaneki, he talks to Haise Tsukiyama. “I don’t know who I am, what I am,” Haise says. “Kaneki was strong,” Tsukiyama said. Haise is weak. But what a beautiful, honorable weakness,” he says, telling himself and Haise that they have known each other in the past so as not to confuse him any more.
Haie immediately realizes it’s Ghoul. And that they met somewhere in the past. But he’s not pushing it. Because if he went after you, he’d have to kill Tsukiyama.
Meanwhile, Haise begins to investigate whether there is Ghoul in his past, called “The Eyed”, who murdered believers and Ghouls without blinking. But he can’t find anything because access to all the documents related to Eyepatched is blocked. The mask from the package he received the day after Christmas, when he and his colleagues – including Arima – spent time together, answered all these questions. You know that battered, mask-making Ghoul Uta who takes a big risk and sends Haise Kaneki’s mask? When Kaneki went to his workshop to see Uta, Uri said, “It was thrown by mistake. I didn’t throw it away.” Of course Haise eats? He immediately understands that he’s Ghoul. But instead of holding him, as he did with Tsukiyama, he asks him to make masks for his own team. The goal is to make sure that you Ghoul pretending (in fact, they’re all already Ghoul) catching a Ghoul called Nutcracker, who tricks men into getting together and eats their “nuts.” At one point, they all dress up as women. Policing is hard work. It’s still easier than being Ghoul. At least not for Kaneki.
You remember the rich cannes who tried to eat Kaneki, turned Juuzo into a maniac. yes, juuzo finally meets Mama. It’s a bit of a sad scene. I won’t tell you the end.
After these events, it is the Tsukiyama family, the richest of the richest Ghouls, who have one end based in Europe and have holdings in Japan. The goal, of course, is to destroy the family e-mail. In the meantime, in order to protect his aces in some parts, our Haise sacrifices himself in case he’s killed and releases his Ghoul state, and in that way, he sometimes fights the Ghouls he once hung out with. Especially tasukiyama hoding has a climb of that 90-storey building with kagunesi, so don’t ask!
Tsukiyama-Haise. Of course Haise is shocked!
“There are no men on the roof,” Haise said. I’ll go up to the roof,” he says, and there he confronts Shuu Tsukiyama, heir to Tsukiyama Holding. That maniac who paid the “spy” chick and stole Kaneki’s panties. (That’s spoilers, of course)
Then there’s The Pise, haise and Tsukiyama fighting, while Tsukiyama’s cousin Kanae, who is from Germany, intervenes. Kanae’s story is also long and complicated. It’s also key to the story. What we need to know is that he’s madly in love with Tsukiyama and therefore hates Haise. Kanae, who saw Haise squeeze Tsukiyama, rips off Haise’s right arm. (I don’t know if this acep is a reference to Haise’s three years alone. Or star wars. I’ll joke about any of them.) As with every time Kaneki comes out of his subconscious and surrounds Haise, Haise feels pain in Arima’s left eye, which he has repeatedly pierced, and again he becomes the usual “Kaneki madness.”
Meanwhile, haise is rescued by a girl who, like Kaneki, is turned into a Ghoul and is trapped by Takizawa – the boy who envys Mado – who cannibalizes like Kanek and owns Kakuga. Haise doesn’t know her, of course. But he doesn’t think Kaneki’s as scary as he thinks he is. He takes the girl’s rights and saves her from being killed. Who’s the girl? The brat who lost his parents. Now she’s a 16-year-old chick. Haise interrogates Hinami, whom he keeps in prison every once in a while. That’s how he gets less afraid of Kaneki.
In this scene where Kaneki slowly begins to take the reins, in the corner, we see the words “Kill Arima”. Haise may be Arima’s best friend, but Kaneki’s indulging in what happened to her and wanting revenge is a little water in the hearts of us readers. I’ll drown a spoonful of water where I see it. You’d think you’d see what’s in his past. There might even be a Ghoul who can’t use his kagune.
While our Haise is writhing in pain in his arm, suddenly a “Hoooop” grabs the poor guy and takes him away. Who is it? Let me finish with a spoiler; One-Eyed-King (Eto). yes, yes, that crazy green-haired writer girl.
Does everybody be crazy? But I love Sui Ishida so much, I’m not going to talk about it now.
More, in my next blog post. I’m going to go straight to the event and investigate, and now I’m going to go over the summary!!
This is Haise in the mask.

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