What made Steve Jobs so famous?…

Steve Jobs was a unique, charismatic and idiosyncratic leader. On the 10th anniversary of the Apple founder’s death from cancer at the age of 56, the traits that made him one of the world’s most famous executives were examined.

Steve JobsHe didn’t like market research. He said, “You cannot ask consumers what they want and offer them the product they want. Because until they offer that product, they begin to want something else.”

Instead of market research, he relied on his instincts to improve existing technologies, develop new products, and put them together in a way that people could use.

According to BBC Turkish’s research report, before the iPod was launched in 2001, interest in MP3 players was limited. MP3 players before the iPod were bulky, complex to use, and often bought only by people who were tech-savvy.

But the iPod iPhoneand the iPad was so attractive that it attracted a lot of attention in society. The effect of Steve Jobs’ marketing skills was also significant in this: He presented the products he sold in a simple way that everyone could understand.

What made Steve Jobs so famous?

Steve Jobs knew how to impress the masses. Sometimes he could not get excited about new or groundbreaking technologies.

When the iPad 2 was released, most of its publicity was about the tablet’s “smart case”. It was a simple case with magnetic hinges. But it got a lot of attention in the media.

Even experienced journalists could not help being under the influence of Jobs, saying that they fully assimilated what was said hours after the presentation. This phenomenon has been called the “field where reality is distorted”.

Steve Jobs has almost always worn the same outfit for the last 10 years. Top to bottom: A turtleneck sweater, blue Levi 501 jeans, and New Balance 991 shoes.

These objects may reflect his minimalist style or his talent for personal and corporate branding. Although his clothing style became known over time, he told those around him that he did not care about his appearance.

But it wasn’t always like this.

What made Steve Jobs so famous?

When he appeared in public in the 1980s, he wore cool Italian suits and colorful bow ties. His unique style of dressing was also the subject of parodies by comedians.

Because Apple takes privacy very seriously, little is known about its internal design processes. But some stories, of course, leak out somehow. And many of these are stories involving Steve Jobs’ extreme attention to detail.

A Google executive, who said that they prepared a Google Maps application for iPhones in cooperation with Apple at the time, said that he received a phone call from Steve Jobs one weekend and that Jobs expressed his disappointment that the yellow tone of Google’s o was not the right tone.

British designer Jonathan Ive was responsible for the look and feel of products like the iMac, iPod and iPhone.

What made Steve Jobs so famous?

Many of the company’s patents included Steve Jobs’ name alongside his name.

Steve Jobs was unquestionably a product of the California counterculture of the 1960s and ’70s.

In his youth he visited India and stayed in an ashram. He became a Buddhist and Eastern philosophy remained a part of his life in the following years.

Jobs also said he used LSD at the time. According to John Markoff, who wrote a book on how counterculture in the 1960s affected the computer industry, Jobs described the experience as “one of the 2-3 most important things in my life.”

Money didn’t really matter to Jobs.

In an interview, he told the Wall Street Journal, “It doesn’t matter to me that I’m the richest man when I go to the grave. The important thing to me is when we go to bed every night to think we’ve done something amazing.”

Steve Jobs’ musical taste was evident in product promotions.

Album covers or singles frequently appeared on the screens of new Macs or iPhones.

What made Steve Jobs so famous?

His favorite artists were Bob Dylan and the Beatles. The Beatles’ ability to sell their music on iTunes was made possible through a legal process concluded in November 2010.

Jobs’ 10 favorite albums on Apple’s social music service Ping included Miles DAvis’ Kind of Blue, Grateful Dead’s American Beauty and The Who’s Who’s Next albums.

He also had a more personal connection to one of these musicians: he had been with the musician Joan Baez, who was Bob Dylan’s ex-girlfriend for a while.

Sometimes you have to save the best for last. Steve Jobs used to do this often at product launches.

After introducing so many new gadgets, attendees would say “One more thing” and then laugh mischievously as they prepared to leave, just as they thought the event was coming to an end.

It was part of the genius of showmanship.

After saying “There is one more thing”, among the ones they introduced FaceTime video calls, PowerBook G4and iPod Touch. Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook, introduced the Apple Watch in 2015 after making the same sentence.

There was also a legal battle between the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch and Apple, who wanted to use this sentence as a marketing slogan. In March 2021, a court in London ruled that Apple could not block Swatch.

Today, Steve Jobs’ unique style lives on, even in a company he would never have preferred in his lifetime.

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