Virgin Galactic passengers will wait a little longer to get into space!

Virgin Galactic said it was postponing the launch of its space tourism service due to growing supply chain issues and restrictions.

Virgin Galactic aims to give non-professional people a space experience. Founded in 2004 by Richard Branson, the company continues to work to realize the dreams of space enthusiasts. Virgin Galactic, which wants to go to a certain height and experience spectacular Earth views and gravitational environments, was forced to postpone its planned space tourism initiative in the last quarter of this year due to supply problems.

Supply chain problems have also negatively affected space tourism!

Virgin Galactic says it is delaying the launch of its sub-orbital space tourism service due to growing supply chain issues and labor constraints. The company said the first trips, scheduled to begin later this year, will take place in the first quarter of 2023.

Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier said in a statement:

We implement our plans in the sector by developing the fleet of the future, investing in digital manufacturing technologies and creating our commercial strategy to deliver a unique consumer experience.

On the back of increased supply chain and labor constraints, our teams are addressing issues to minimize the impact on calendars. We look forward to returning to space in the fourth quarter and starting commercial service in the first quarter of next year.”

Speaking later about supply chain issues, the CEO said delivery times for the required high-performance metals had been extended. The company is also hiring more engineers, he said, but engineers are spreading their time across multiple projects, including the next-generation space plane Imagine.

Virgin Galactic aims to start its journeys as soon as possible, allowing customers to have a great experience by taking them to the edge of space. The asking amount for these 90-minute sub-orbital tours is $450,000.

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