Valve designs old games for Steam Deck

Valve has set out for the Steam Deck. The company does not forget its old games while making many innovations for the portable gaming device

Video game company Valveis preparing for a launch to introduce its handheld device called Steam Deck. The company attaches great importance to the portable gaming device. For this purpose, he wants to keep his classic games alive while designing new games.

Valve updates Half-Life and CS:GO

Valva pressed the button to improve the portable gaming device. Aiming to play more games on the Steam Deck, the company also wants to make games that have been played for years playable on the device. In line with its goals, the company is updating Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveHalf-Life, and Dota 2.

The Valve game development team, which is working hard to update, thinks the Dota 2 game in particular will be better on the Steam Deck. Valve design team manager Greg Coomersaid the game development team had made several adjustments to Half-Life. Greg Coomer.

The Valve team is doing something very innovative, especially in the context of Dota 2. Just last week, they posted a new mode that allows players to play the game well using their finger sticks

Steam Deck is released in February

Valve has also been hit by a chip shortage that has been affecting the world recently. However, the company is doing its best to ensure that there are no delays in the launch of the portable gaming device, which it attaches great importance to. The Steam Deck will be unveiled with the launch in February. Steam Deckhas previously postponed the launch date, especially due to pre-orders. The company does not want to postpone the february launch, regardless. Greg Coomer spoke confidently.

Our goal was to launch steam deck at the end of 2021. However, due to some difficulties this is a bit late and we are very sorry for this. But in February, we’re going to launch no matter what. All the data we have confirms that.

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