US minister on Middle East exit: We will increase our military presence if necessary

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the United States has the ability to overwhelmingly increase its military presence in the Middle East, and they will not allow Iran to have nuclear power.

Speaking at the Manama Dialogue Security Conference in Bahrain, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austinsaid the US would maintain its military presence in the Middle East and could overwhelmingly increase the number of Troops if necessary.


Minister Lloyd Austin, who gave this speech at a time when there is talk of the United States putting the Middle East behind while focusing on china and Russia-oriented threats, said, “The United States is committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. And we are committed to reaching a diplomatic conclusion on the nuclear issue. But if Iran does not want to engage in serious cooperation, then we will review all options that will make the United States safe.”


Asked why last month’s WMD and mortar attacks by pro-Iranian militias on the base in Syria, where U.S. troops are also stationed, were not responded to, Austin said: “The United States retains the right to defend itself. We will protect ourselves and our interests where and when we want. No country, no individual should make any mistakes in this regard.”


One of the US goals is to strengthen their ‘unprecedented’ alliance in the Middle East, the US minister said, but having tens of thousands of troops in the region is also an option. “America’s commitment to Middle East security is strong and sound,” Austin said.

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