Unusual desk concept from Razer!

As part of CES 2022, Razer showcased a new table concept with a modular design called Project Sophia.

Razer continues to announce its new products and projects at CES 2022. The company unveiled the new Project Sophia concept, which looks like a modular desktop computer. The organization has dealt with such projects before. In 2014, she appeared as Project Christine.

Project Christine was also addressing a desktop tower made of Jenga-like bricks. The Tomahawkin 2020 introduced a more practical approach to this concept based on Intel’s Element NUC designs.

Razer designed Project Sophia as a 13 module slot

Project Sophiais designed to have 13 different interchangeable module slots where users can add a wide variety of parts. The table features temperature readings, touchscreen app launcher, custom chat and calendar screens, wireless Qi chargers, cup warmer, pen tablets, audio mixers, CPU and GPU monitors, and more.


Razerpromises that the modular structure of the computer desk will allow users to customize it according to their specific needs. For example, a broadcaster can use extra screens that can be easily added for broadcasting through more powerful speakers, microphones, and cameras.

Razernever made flashy CES prototypes a reality. Project Sophia hasthe same expectation. That’s because Project Christinein 2014 , Project Valerie with triple screen in 2017 and Project Linda in 2018have never appeared in front of users. That’s the expectation again.

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