Ukraine tensions benefit NATO

The Ukraine crisis has benefited NATO, whose brain-dead Transatlantic ties have been questioned in recent years and has been plagued by problems among its member states.

Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders and its unreasable demands on security from the West have once again confirmed that NATO is an indispensable element of European security.


Putting aside differences of opinion in the face of the crisis, rapid steps to protect and defend allies, mobilizing military capabilities and capabilities within the framework of the principle of solidarity, made NATO’s core mission and role remembered once again. The re-rise and focus of NATO, with Moscow’s approach creating a Cold War environment, also showed that there is still a long way to go before the european union’s recently discussed idea of strategic autonomy and the implementation of the new European security architecture in practice.


With the election of Joe Biden, the increasing US engagement with European security has been seen to apply not only to the so-called but also to action. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s remarks that “North America and Europe can overcome any challenge when they are together” sum up the overall mood within the Alliance. The crisis, which is not yet clear how it will proceed, is certain to have an impact on NATO’s future.

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