Twitter may be on its way to rival Apple’s Memoji…

Twitter continues to add new features. As it turned out, the creation of avatars , which has been included in many platforms for many years, has become even more popular, especially with Apple’s Memoji and Bitmoji. Twitter will also start to get involved in this area with Facemoji .

Snapchat has released its own Bitmoji avatars. Facebook wants to start a universe where people can socialize and walk around in a 3D space with emojis and shop with their friends in this space. Roblox, on the other hand, has become a big deal in its own lately.

Among these facemoji An app called is being launched and getting ready to grow. facemojiwill help developers create avatars for their apps and use it with the help of Facemoji.

Twitter may be on its way to rival Apple's Memoji

Although Facemoji has announced the world that they will give app developers a chance to allow their users to create their own avatars using the features already provided in Facemoji. twitter It will work actively with applications such as

It turned out that Twitter is planning to buy and invest in Facemoji. More details are expected to emerge in the future.

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