TikTok introduced a feature that aims to highlight the top 50 accounts…

TikTok has introduced a new feature. The name of the new feature, which can be translated as ‘Discover List’, aims to highlight the top 50 accounts on the platform.

Increasing in popularity day by day TikTok, while upsetting the lists, introduced its new feature. According to the feature in question, the platform will now highlight accounts that reach millions of people. This step is actually not surprising because Instagram and YouTube have been using this logic for a long time. 


The social networking platform plans to highlight five different groups in total, from changemakers, gourmets, creators to trendsetters. The shares of the accounts classified in this way according to the feature will be highlighted, as well as detailed information about the owners of the accounts. 

TikTok The official argues that this list will increase the interaction of the creators with their fans and multiply the growth potential. 

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