These features, which are not available on the iPhone 13, have been available on Android phones for years!

Being constantly compared with Android phones, iPhones offer different experiences to users. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 has just been introduced and is still criticized for not bringing features that have been on Android phones for years. Especially being able to do two operations on one screen and having pen support make Android phones stand out.

iPhoneThe 13 family has some much more advanced features than the previous series. It offers a much higher performance thanks to the enlarged screen and battery.iPhone 13Some supports are still not available in the series. One of them is split-screen aka multitasking. According to some, the presence of this feature makes the phone much better, while according to some, the lack of this feature is not noticed. Because there are those who think that the iPhone does not need a split screen.

These features that are not on the iPhone 13 have been on Android phones for years.

Undoubtedly, the advantages offered by this feature are both on a single screen. newsYou can read as well as watch videos. On the other hand, you can switch between your documents while e-mail is still open. In this way, you can handle multiple operations with a single screen. This feature is basicallyAndroidoffered on the device. That’s why it is criticized that it does not come on the iPhone 13.

Phones with foldable screens and Samsung’s Note series stand out with pen support. In this way, it is ensured that the transactions are handled in a much more practical way. However, it seems a little difficult for this support to come to the iPhone side.

These features that are not on the iPhone 13 have been on Android phones for years.

When the dates show the year 2007 AppleSteve Jobs, one of the founders of , said that no one would want a pen on their phone. According to Jobs, the pen just makes things more complicated and nobody wants that. However, over the years this has proven to be unrealistic. Many people have become accustomed to pen support on phones with the Samsung Note series and have begun to expect it on other models as well.  

Again, iPhones do not have desktop mode and you can only use the phone as a ‘phone’. In addition, desktop mode is offered as an option on some Huawei’s flagship models and some Android phones with Xiaomi’s own interface.

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