The world’s largest plane is gone! Here are the images of the wreckage

The world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov AN-225, was recently destroyed. Images of the plane’s wreckage recently emerged.

Russia’s military action continues to have repercussions for its attack on Ukraine. Russian officials say that our goal is not the occupation at every turn, but the developments so far show the opposite. Russia has not taken the expected stance so far in the negotiations with Ukraine.

In this context, on the ninth day of russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine, there was a development that was closely related to the aviation sector. Last week, debris footage emerged of the Antonov AN 225, the world’s largest aircraft destroyed by Russia, in a hangar at Hostomel airport near Kiev.

World’s largest plane smashed to pieces

The Antonov AN-225, which has a very important place in the history of aviation, was built with the aim of carrying space orbiter vehicles, especially the Buran space shuttle of the Soviet Union. However, due to the disruption of the space program at that time, the idle aircraft was later redesigned and used for cargo transportation.

The Antonov AN-225, which also came to our country at regular intervals, had 6 turbofan engines and 32 wheels. It was also the world’s largest aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons and fuel consumption of up to 20 tons. In fact, he had previously set a record for a gas plant in Armenia that was difficult to break by carrying a generator weighing 189 tons.

The latest footage of the world’s largest aircraft, which was destroyed in its hangar following the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, also emerged some time ago.

Here are the images:

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