The world’s first robot painter was arrested for being a spy! ‘Eyes gouged out’ asked…

Named the world’s first robot painter, Ai-Da was arrested before the historic pyramid show. It was reported that the eyes of the artificial intelligence robot artist, who was arrested by Egypt for being considered a spy, were also wanted to be removed.

Robot artist who draws attention with his sculptures and futuristic works thought to have been used by Egypt for espionage Ai-Dawas kept under lock and key for 10 days. Not only the robot, but also its developer, was sought to be arrested, as it was suspected by airport officials in Cairo.

Ai-Da and the developer of the robot, Aidan Meller, came to Cairo as part of an event to be held in the Gazi Pyramids. Airport officials, on the other hand, examined both the robot and Meller. In the news of The Guardian, which was reported that the brink of the diplomatic crisis was returned, it was emphasized that for the first time in thousands of years, contemporary art was allowed next to the pyramid.

World's first robot painter arrested for being a spy Wanted to have his eyes gouged out

Speaking to the British press, Meller said he was very surprised by the incident. According to Meller, border guards detained Ai-Da first for having an internet connection (modem) and then for having cameras in his eyes (which he used to draw and paint). “I can toss the modems aside, but I can’t really gouge out the eyes,” he said.

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