The space crisis between the U.S. and Russia!

Space security debates have begun following Russia’s anti-satellite missile test. There is a serious crisis between Russia and the United States.

A serious space crisis has begun between the United States and Russia following Russia’s test of an anti-satellite missile. Because of the missile launched by Russia, a red alert has been issued at our ‘science’ base in space. Astronauts had to wear spacesuits and take refuge in capsules.

Following this incident, US officials condemned Russia. NASA said the initiative endangered the International Space Station in low Earth orbit. He also explained that these tests create debris that could endanger activities in space for many years to come.

U.S. blames Russia: Anti-satellite missile endangers station

Currently, our space base has a team of seven, four U.S.citizens, one German and two Russians. Astronauts and cosmonauts took refuge in capsules for two hours after the test to escape if necessary. Tensions between the two countries began after the incident. Mutual explanations keep coming.

anti-satellite missile tests

Reuterssaid that after the anti-satellite missile test, the space station passes through or near the debris cluster every 90 minutes. However, NASA experts said it was now safe for the crew to return to the station after the third crossing.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement. “NASA will continue to monitor the wreckage in the coming days and beyond to ensure the safety of our crew in orbit,” Nelson said.

While space junk remains a serious problem, Russia’s test of its anti-satellite missile has provoked a backlash. Experts say thousands of trash will circulate in space as a result of testing weapons that shatter orbiting satellites. These pieces of debris could be a major problem for the crew.

Roscosmos says “no danger”

The Russian space agency Roscosmos issued a statement on Twitter. “Today, the orbit of the object, which forced the crew to enter the spacecraft according to standard procedures, has moved away from the ISS orbit. The station is in the green zone,” he said. However, this statement from Russia did not satisfy the US front…

Space station compromised

U.S. Space Command also released a statement. He said the anti-satellite missile Russia sent to shoot down its own satellite caused more than 1,500 traceable orbital debris. He also stressed that it probably caused hundreds of thousands of small pieces of debris.

However, U.S. Army Gen. James Dickinson, director of the space command, issued a strongly-held statement. “Russia has shown a deliberate negligence against the security, stability and long-term sustainability of space for all nations. Debris from the missile test will continue to pose a threat to activities in space in the coming years. It will put satellites and space missions at risk and force more collision avoidance manoeuvres,” he said.

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