The result of the iPhone 13 Pro’s front camera performance test has been announced…

New results for Apple’s new iPhone family iPhone 13 are emerging. After the endurance tests, the front camera performance result of the phone has now emerged.

Criticized for non-revolutionary features iPhoneDespite everything, the 13 series has one of the most powerful processors and gives very ambitious results on the camera side. Announced by DxOMark, the newiPhone 13 The Pro selfie camera ‘successfully’ passed the tests with its score.

The result of the iPhone 13 Pro's front camera performance test has been announced

iPhone 13 ProHe managed to score 102 points in photography tests and 95 points in video recording tests. The device’s accurate exposure of objects, wide depth of field, successful transition in bright spots and success in indoor shots were crowned.

On the main camera side, the iPhone 13 Pro, which is in the fourth place, managed to score 137 points.

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