The official verdict on the YouTuber who troubled Roblox!

A formal ruling has come from the court regarding the YouTuber, who is being sued by Roblox for $1.6 million on charges of cyber-terrorism and harassment.

The gaming world and Roblox have been rocked by a longstanding trial. The verdict was issued in a lawsuit filed by the game’s producer against a YouTuber named Ruben Simon, seeking $1.6 million in damages, along with accusations of homophobia, racism, harassment, threats and many other charges. Defendant Benjamin Robert Simon– the plaintiff was ordered to pay a total of $150,000 in damages to The Roblox Corporation.

YouTuber who messed up the Roblox world: Ruben Sim

Roblox Corporation sued the YouTuber, also known as Sim (Ruben Sim), last November, accusing him of leading a cyber gang that terrorised the platform. Roblox, who filed a total of $1.6 million in damages at the start of the lawsuit, reached a mutual agreement with the YouTuber and agreed to $150,000 in damages. Sim’s choice on the Roblox platform is even higher than you might expect…


When your account is banned because Roblox has a completely free-to-play structure, it’s easy to open a new account and start the game again. Roblox Corporation, by contrast, can permanently banusers’ IP addresses from servers in rare cases.

YouTuber Sim, who was banned from Roblox for harassing other users and using racist and homophobic rhetoric, resented the decision and decided to take his behaviour to the next level.


Roblox’s lawyers claim that the YouTuber then continued to send sexually abusive messages to users with different accounts, uploading photos of Adolf Hitler and similar disturbing images to his profile photo, and sharing all this on the YouTube platform.

So much so that Sim took his extravagant behavior to threatening to launch a terrorist attack at the Roblox Developer Conference.aking all this into account, the court made its final decision, ruling that in addition to the $150,000 in financial damages, Sim removed all videos he had previously uploaded about Roblox and never produced content on the production again.

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