The new TikTok trend invites car thieves!

A new TikTok car trend has led to an increase in theft cases. Thieves can break into Kia and Hyundai with a USB charger.

A new trend is starting every day in the short video platform TikTok. A new challenge shows that Kia and Hyundai vehicles can be powered with a screwdriver or USB charger . But these videos are used by car thieves. Dozens of people in the USA have either their cars or their belongings stolen.

TikTok car stream makes it easy for thieves

Car videos on TikTok , which first appeared at the beginning of this year , specifically address Kia models. TikTok challenge videos, which show that the doors of some vehicles will be opened with a screwdriver and USB charger, have recently been targeted by malicious people.

Speaking to a local media in the USA , Alissa Smart said that the Kia model vehicle was robbed because of this TikTok trend. Claiming that the car door was opened with a USB charger, Smart also stated that valuables were stolen.

The popularity of car door opening videos with a USB charger on TikTok has increased car thefts. According to ABC News, the number of Kia and Hyundai thefts in the US state of Illinois increased by around 767 percent.

Saying that her Kia model vehicle was robbed, Alissa Smart said, “There were power tools and keys in the car. It was also stolen from my wife’s car with $160 and thousands of dollars worth of tools,” she said. Regional officials, on the other hand, urged Kia and Hyundai owners to be careful.

tiktok privacy claim

TikTok, which has not yet made a statement about this trend, says that every video that violates the policies will be removed from the platform. Car streaming videos don’t seem to violate these policies, at least for now.

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