The most trusted technology company of people has been revealed! The result is surprising…

Thanks to the services offered by technology companies, they are loved by people. On the other hand, when an interruption or problem occurs in the service offered, like hacking, trust is shaken. Facebook, which has millions of active users, had an outage of about 6/7 hours in the past days. Paying a heavy price for this cut, Facebook ranks at the bottom of a trust survey. Here are the tech companies that people trust the most :

In a survey conducted by Vox Media, The Verge and Tech Trust Survey, people were asked about the companies and services they trust most. interestinglymost reliable company, Googleoutput. According to the figures published by researchers evaluating 2020 and 2021 separately, Google is found to be 90 percent reliable in both years, and unreliable at 10 percent.


On the other hand, even though its reliability rates have decreased compared to last year, it is still reliable. Amazon, apple, Microsoft, YouTube and Netflix follow. These companies and their services, which were found to be more than 89/90 percent reliable, were found to be less reliable compared to last year.

Subsequently, Slack is seen to be 78 percent reliable, while Twitter was 57 percent reliable this year, while it was 61 percent reliable in 2020. Because the hacking crisis experienced in the past periods has greatly reduced the trust in Twitter.

FacebookConfidence in applications connected to it is also quite low. Because Instagram is seen as reliable at 72 percent. When it comes to Facebook, it has lost a lot of trust since last year. Looking at the figures, confidence, which was 71 percent in 2020, decreased to 66 percent by 2021.

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