The indispensable technology of sci-fi films is becoming a reality

Flying cars, which have come up many times over the years and are the subject of movies, are coming true this time. Here are the details…

Flying cars, a must for sci-fi movies, are finally becoming a reality. According to the New York Times,this technology, which we have been observing for a long time, is coming into our lives very soon. In a few years, the era of taxis flying through airports begins.

As you know, flying cars are one of the most clichéd sci-fi fantasies. For years, every film, series and book about the future has somehow contained this technology. That is why people have long thought that cars will have this ability in the future. However, according to the latest information, flying cars are becoming a reality this time. Here are the details…

there will be flying cars in 2024

Flying vehicles, which are constantly coming up, promise us simpler and shorter-distance journeys by air in the near future. But this time the issue is getting serious, and in the near future, those possibilities are coming true. Some companies are working on projects that could take between 2 and 150 miles of flights without the need for an airstrip.

These projects aim to provide a safe and inexpensive travel facility. Experts believe there could be a market that will ease the ever-squeezed land travel in metropolitan cities and change the way people travel. These vertical takeoff and landing vehicles will be based on electricity as a power provider.

While it is normally a costly business, with advances in battery technology, the costs of producing an electric-powered flying vehicle have fallen. Companies working on this technology are developing flying vehicles that will be included in the transportation market in the next few years.

Daniel Wiegand,CEO and founder of Germany-based Lilium Air Mobility, said he wants to produce a vehicle that can be reached by many people and replace high-speed trains without the need for infrastructure. Longer-time firms such as Joby Aviation and Volocopter say the technology is aimed at 2024 if they can get regulatory approval and promises to happen by then.

Sam Morrissey, executive director of Urban Movement Labs,believes his future flying cars will use the current commercial airports and airstrips until new takeoff and landing locations are identified without disrupting other air and land transportation areas.

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