The first gameplay video from FIFA’s new opponent has arrived!

FIFA and the UFL, which rivals eFootball, are starting to show up. The first gameplay video of the highly anticipated game was shared at the event.

The UFL is set to join the world of football. The production, which was announced last year and then made itself curious with its prolonged silence, has emerged with new details. The UFL, which raised expectations about gameplay, appeared in front of fans with the first trailer.

The gameplay video shown in a live event has many interesting details. In addition, the brand face of the new production has been revealed.

When will the UFL be released?

Strikerz Inc, which wants to break FIFA’s recent effectiveness, has been quietly developing this game for 6 years. The team, which has now made its name in the past year, also wants to show the market how serious it is. Strikerz Inc, which continues to make improvements in this context, gave new details about the game with a live event on YouTube yesterday. The first gameplay video of the production, which has raised many questions about what it will look like in particular, has also been released.

The video, which gave you a chance to take a detailed look at the game mechanics, was also met with interest by the players. The UFL, which put Cristiano Ronaldo on its cover, has also signed partnership agreements with several teams. West Ham United, Sporting Lisbon and AS Monaco are also familiar. Besiktas, one of the important teams of our country, has signed a partnership agreement with UFL.

The UFL will be free to play, with no full disclosure of licensed players, names and jerseys. Developers, especially those who focus on fair play, want to keep some of the annoying details that mainstream football games have recently offered away from their own productions. The UFL, which is set to be released in 2022, is uncertain exactly what month and what day it will be released. The developers said the game will be released when it’s ready.


The UFL, which is expected to add color to the world of football gaming, may continue to offer new details in the future. Because there are those who claim that Strikerz Inc will soon release another long gameplay video. The performance of the multi-player production is already a concern.

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