The expected feature for WhatsApp voicemails is coming!

WhatsApp is working on a feature in the beta version that will make it easier to listen to long and boring voicemails.

WhatsApphas been bringing constant innovations for voicemails in recent times. In late 2021, the messaging app received a fast playback button with gradual speeds for voicemails. After a while, it also made it available for non-instantaneous audio files.

Now it will help us listen to our friends who have been talking at length, especially without getting bored, and a feature that many of us have long wanted to come up with is being tested in beta. Here are the features and details that are looking forward to whatsApp voicemails…

WhatsApp voicemails will be able to play in the background

A beta version is being trialled where voicemails sent from WhatsApp can play in the background of the app. According to the reports obtained, when this feature was first introduced to the discussion, it was April 2021, when the acceleration of voice messages was also discussed. In September of that year, the app also allowed you to preview messages before sending them.

WABetaInfo, which shares whatsApp beta information, said the latest Android beta version,, will now allow a user to listen to voicemails in the background, according to a report by XDA Developers. Users will see the voicemail player just above the app and the Chats Status and Calls bar below it.

This voicemail player has an advance bar as well as tools to continue, pause, and turn off. It is said that the player continues to work when you leave the app and enter another application. However, there is no official confirmation of this change.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature is still in development, so even some beta users may not have the feature. There is also no explanation yet on WhatsApp’s official site about the feature. No launch date has been set on the beta channel either.

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