The danger waiting for Tesla: The company is under investigation!

Tesla has been on the agenda many times with recalls and accidents. The increase in these cases has caught the attention of the authorities.

Tesla, of which Elon Musk is the CEO, has made a name for himself many times in recent years. The company, which is the first name that comes to mind in the world of electric and autonomous vehicles, says it continues to stay on the agenda. The company is notable for its failures as well as its successes. Tesla has been under the spotlight recently, when it became famous for its recalls.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opens investigation into Tesla

Tesla is working hard to become the leader of the autonomous vehicle world. So much so that the company is one of the most important brands in this field. However, the company has repeatedly recalled its vehicles due to technical errors. However, this situation caught the attention of the authorities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an agency under the guidance of U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, set out to investigate and launched an investigation into Tesla’s increasing recalls. Within the scope of the investigation, 830 thousand vehicles from four existing models will be under investigation.

Tesla recall

On the other hand, the review could reveal big problems for Tesla’s activities. The autonomous system of the models will be subjected to a series of tests and examinations. As part of the investigation, the sale of some models may be suspended until the errors are corrected. The institution made the following statements on the subject:

The purpose of escalating the investigation is to explore the extent to which Autopilot and related Tesla systems can undermine the effectiveness of driver control, exacerbating human factors or behavioral safety risks.

Tesla recall

On the other hand, Elon Musk states that the attempt to investigate Tesla will damage the image of the company. Musk added that autopilots did not have a share in the accidents that occurred. All existing autonomous features, including Full Self-Driving technology, will be examined as part of the investigation.

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