The comeback plans for the legendary PlayStation game have been scrapped!

Former Sony PlayStation game developer Jeff Ross has revealed in an interview that he has rejected a remake of the legendary PlayStation game.

Jeff Ross,the producer of Days Gone, one of the most important recent productions of the Sony PlayStation brand, left Sony in 2020 following a dispute with the company. He interviewed David Jaffe, also a former Sony PlayStation employee and one of the producers of the God of War series. Ross has revealed that he has rejected a remake of a famous PlayStation 1 game.

Sony wanted to bring back the Syphon Filter series

Although it received some serious criticism when it was released in 2019, Days Gone, developed by Bend Studio, recovered somewhat with patches and improvements in the intervening period. Sony also launched the production on its PC platform via Steam to extract the costs of the production and to relieve it economically.


Jeff Ross, the game’sexecutive producer and former Sony employee, admitted in an interview that the famous Japanese company was never, ever happy with the final version of the game. Ross said he wants to develop Days Gone 2 and has held a meeting with Sony on the issue. However, he said the idea was stillborn from the start and had not received approval from Sony’s top management.

A different offer has been submitted from Sony for Jeff Ross, who fell out of favor after the production drew a mediocre chart in both reviews and sales. Sony has been considering a ‘reboot’ project for the series, one of playStation 1’s most legendary productions, since Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, released for PSP in 2007, but Ross decided to leave Sony after rejecting the offer.

Ross, who previously worked on several third-party action games while at Sony Bend, explained that he had no idea how to bring back the Syphon Filter series and therefore was not interested in the offer.

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