The American startup has increased Tesla’s range!

American startup ONE has doubled the car’s range by replacing the Tesla Model S’s battery with its own.

Teslais known all over the world for its electric cars. In many countries, the company’s vehicles are actively used and its users are very popular thanks to the technological features, performance and adequate range it offers.

Tesla’s range is very close compared to vehicles with a normal internal combustion engine. However, some users want more range at once because of the high charging time. A newly formed initiative works precisely for users who are uncomfortable with this situation.

The Range of the Tesla Model S has been increased by an American startup!

Michigan-based startup Our Next Energy (ONE)has conducted a study on the Tesla Model S. The company equipped the car with its own experimental batteries and continued to work with the prototype throughout December. The company claims the vehicle offered a range of 752 miles (1,200 km) on a single charge with its own batteries. That’s about twice the range of the current Tesla Model S.

The company says it keeps values to a minimum and drives at an average speed of 55 mph. It is also stated that this value is approved by third parties. Thanks to this figure, the company set a world record. The latest Mercedes Benz EQSholds the record with a range of 422 miles. With the new test, that number has almost doubled.

One CEO and founder Mujeeb Ijaz said in a statement:

“Today, we want to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by eliminating the range anxiety that holds most consumers back. We are now focused on transforming this proof-of-concept battery into a new product called Gemini™ that will enable long-distance journeys on a single charge while increasing cost and safety using sustainable materials.”

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