Tesla engineer accused of stealing company software

Tesla has sued its engineer Alex Khatilov for allegedly stealing special Warp Drive software that the company uses to automate acquisitions and other systems.

Electric car maker Teslahas come under fire for a major theft. The manufacturer believes an engineer stole important company software. The engineer allegedly stole the software within days of getting the job.

Tesla sues engineer for allegedly stealing Warp Drive software

The carmaker is no stranger to allegations that staff stole its technology. The EV manufacturer sued engineer Alex Khatilovfor allegedly stealing special Warp Drive software that the company used to automate acquisitions and other systems within three days of starting work in late December 2020, Electrekreported. Khatilov also reportedly copied“thousands” ofcopies to his personal Dropbox account.

The manufacturer also accused Khatilovof covering up his actions. According to reports, investigators lied about passing on only personal documents while interrogating the engineer and claimed he had“forgotten” thefiles while giving investigators access to the Dropbox area. Tesla also said the engineer tried to delete the Dropbox app and other files at the beginning of the interview.

It is not known whether Khatilov coordinated with other individuals or institutions. Tesla did not comment on this issue, but warned that the engineer being sued“did not reveal”all of his actions and that Tesla may still be sharing its files.

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