Technology that will save thousands of lives in vehicles…

In cars, technologies are used to prevent people from getting into accidents with different methods. In Australia , thanks to a newly developed sensor technology, it will be possible to measure whether the drivers drink alcohol or not. If the sensor detects the driver’s alcohol level above the legal limit, the vehicle will not move.

The sensor, which was developed to control vehicle drivers, measures the alcohol level of carbon dioxide and alcohol molecules in the breath of the drivers. In this way, it is determined whether the person has been drinking more than the legal amount. In order to make this measurement, infrared vision capability was added to the sensor.


If the sensors detect a high alcohol level, the vehicle will not start, potentially stopping drunk driving altogether. According to experts, this will change the rules of the game and thousands of lives will be saved.

Joe Calafiore, CEO of the Victorian Transport Accident Commission, said the technology is just as important as airbags or lane keeping assistance. “You get in your car, you breathe in, and this system passively detects your breath,” Calafiore told 9News.

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