Technological solution to the health problem experienced by astronauts

The University of Texas team has developed sleeping bags that will eliminate some health problems, especially visual impairment.

Scientists have announced solutions to the neuro-ocular syndrome (SANS) problem experienced by astronauts during space visits. SANS, which causes visual impairment, will go down in history with its technological sleeping bag.

Astronauts working on lunar and Mars missions are struggling with many health problems, especially muscle loss. SANS is a disorder that causes the eyeball to flatten, the optic nerve to swell and visual impairment. Sans can cause different problems when fluid is collected in the head with pressure.

Special sleeping bag developed to eliminate visual impairment

Developed for astronauts who will serve more than six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), the sleeping bag is highly effective for balancing pressure. The jumpsuit, which prevents fluid from collecting on the astronauts’ heads while they sleep, relieves the potentially damaging pressure on the eyeballs.

Special sleeping bag developed to eliminate visual impairment

Microgravity conditions in the ISS environment do not yet have the technology to evenly distribute the fluid accumulated in the astronauts’ heads into the body. For this reason, the problem of fluid accumulation occurs in the head.

Similar situations can happen in life on Earth. But gravity pulls down the fluid that accumulates in our heads as long as we stand. This stabilizes the pressure on our heads.

Although most astronauts’ vision problems disappear when they return to Earth, in some cases permanent damage can occur. The team at the University of Texas at Dallasworked in partnership with REI to resolve this issue.

“We don’t know how bad the pressure-related effects can be during a two-year Mars mission,” said team leader Benjamin Levine, a professor of internal medicine at Southwestern Medical Center University in Texas. Prolonged vision loss of astronauts can lead to situations that could jeopardize the mission,” he said.

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