Singapore’s new police force hits the streets! Xiavier winks at dystopian future…

We witness the use of robots in different fields. Singapore has been working on robot police forces for some time now. Developed to restore order on the street, Xavier winks at a dystopian future.

autonomous robots, Singaporebegan to patrol the streets. Undertaking the task of eliminating and controlling problems such as unlicensed food sales in crowded areas, bicycles parked incorrectly on the pavement, Xiavier alsocoronavirus During the period, it allows to disperse the people gathered in one place in large groups.


These robot cops, designed to make people feel safer, have the opposite effect in some cases. Equipped with a total of seven cameras, these autonomous robots patrol the street to maintain order.

He performed one of his first tasks in a chess match between two people. The autonomous robot, which disperses a group of people gathered around two people to watch the match, also warns ‘please keep a one-meter social distance’.

Some people who encounter this robot on the street think that autonomous robot police are scary. It is said that Xiavier, who is said to remind of Robocop, also winks at a dystopian world.SingaporeLee Yi Ting, an activist who pointed out that the culture of surveillance and monitoring has increased in Turkey, emphasizes that compared to other countries, Singapore watches people and that these new technological devices feed the culture of watching. He also underlines that people need to be conscious in order to move away from this culture.

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