Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy?

The Kennedy assassination was one of the most controversial and the most conspiracy theories of the 20th century. Classified intelligence documents unearthed during the week raised new answers and questions about “What happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?”

What is the most controversial event in U.S. history?” The book on the november 22, 1963 shooting of John Fitzgerald Kennedy,the 35th president of the United States, in Dallas, Texas, is still not completely closed.

Marine Lee Harvey Oswald has been taken into custody in connection with the attack. Oswald, who said he committed the assassination alone, was shot dead by a man named Jack Ruby in Dallas two days after his arrest, taking many unanswered questions to his grave.

The Warren Commission, established for investigation in the immediate aftermath of kennedy’s assassination, ruled in 1964 that Oswald acted alone. Another investigation by the US Congress in 1979 found no evidence to support the theory that the CIA was involved in kennedy’s assassination.

But the public still struggles to believe that an assassination that changed American history was committed by a troubled young man who acted alone with a rifle he had ordered in the mail during the hottest days of the Cold War. For years, Americans have been trying to find the answer to the question “What happened that day?” with books, movies, documentaries. As a result, the assassination of JFK has been on the agenda of both respected historians and conspiracy theorists for nearly 60 years.

Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration last week released 1,500 classified documents on the subject, a step toward unraasing the mystery of the assassination. It is impossible to say that there is new information in the archive documents that could fundamentally change the public’s opinion of the assassination, but we can say that both historians and conspiracy theorists are eagerly welcoming these dusty pages of history.

In fact, the documents were scheduled to be published about a year ago. President Joe Biden, however, delayed the move, citing the Coronavirus pandemic. About a month ago, another reprieve came in, and finally on December 15th, the documents were made public.

One of the remarkable details about the documents is that the confidentiality of some previously reported documents will be protected until December 2022. The prolongation of secrecy over the documents is also a breadth of conspiracy theorists.

The U.S. Congress also decided in 1992 to make all documents of the Warren Commission investigating the assassination public by 2017. But the Trump administration has blocked hundreds of documents from being made public, underscoring the possibility of “irreversible harm” following the alarming messages from the FBI and CIA. However, 2,800 more documents came to light at the time.

More than 90 percent of records related to the assassination are now made accessible to everyone, the National Archives said in a statement.

The question is whether the recently released documents can change the American public’s mind about the Kennedy assassination. However, some quite striking details in the content of the documents came to the fore from day one. We have compiled these details for you…

Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy


According to a CIA document, JFK’s assassin Oswald met with an agent from the KGB, the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency, in Mexico City, Mexico, a few months before he killed the president.

“According to a phone call intercepted in Mexico City, Lee Oswald visited the Embassy of the Soviet Union there on September 23 and met with Consul Valeri Vladimirovic,” the Daily Beast quoted him as saying.

The document, signed by then-CIA Director Tennent Bagley, also says Oswald called the same embassy again on October 1st and introduced himself in a broken Russian.

“Hi, I’m Lee Oswald,” the assassin told the USSR diplomat who got on the phone, according to the document. They said they’d send a telegram to Washington. I was wondering if there was anything new. But I don’t remember the name of that consul.”

According to the transcript of the conversation, KGB agent Valeri Vladimirovich Kostikof responded to Oswald, “They say they have nothing yet.”

“Did they do anything?” asked Oswald.

Kostikof hung up after saying, “Yes, they say a request has been sent, but there has been no response yet.” (In the CIA documents, Kostikof is mentioned as a member of Section 13, responsible for sabotage and assassinations.)

A few days later, on October 3, Oswald crossed the Texas-Mexico border in a car and returned to the United States. The date Bagley sent this message was November 23, 1963. The day before, the indictment against Oswald was announced.

Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy


A year before Kennedy’s assassination, an unidentified man called the U.S. Embassy in Australia to warn that the Soviet Union would give $100,000 to the man who would kill the President. However, the News of this warning never reached the CIA, according to the New York Post.

A 1964 correspondence from the U.S. State Department states:

“Canberra has been contacted, full details of the phone call on November 23 and the call on October 15, 1962 have been requested. It should also be noted that the CIA had no background in the 1962 phone call.”

According to CIA documents, two days after the assassination, another person called to report the possibility that the Soviets financed the Kennedy assassination. This time, the wanted man was an attaché in the U.S. Navy.

“While this individual was talking about numerous intelligence-related issues, he also addressed the possibility that the Soviet government financed the assassination of President Kennedy,” the May 22 document says.

According to the document, the caller said he was Polish, a driver at the Embassy of the Soviet Union in Canberra. CIA agents believed he was the one who reported it a year ago.

But CIA officials underscored an important detail: “Australian officials thought it was a prank call.” What’s more, Australian intelligence couldn’t find a Pole working at the Russian Embassy.

58 yıl sonra ortaya çıkan gizli detaylar: Başkan Kennedyi kim öldürdü


U.S. intelligence officials conducted a thorough investigation into whether Cuba was involved in the assassination because Oswald visited the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. One of the embassy’s Mexican employees was detained in Mexican authorities and said in his interrogation that “Oswald declared himself a Communist and a Castro fan.”

However, this theory later lost its validity. Because, according to a letter sent to the U.S. Secretary of State, a Nicaraguan man confessed to lying about seeing Oswald at the embassy. He said his goal was to “get the U.S. involved in the event that castro was overthrown.”

The CIA also speculated that an interview with the Associated Press may have influenced Oswald. During Oswald’s time in New Orleans, a local newspaper published an interview with Fidel Castro. In the interview, Castro said he would be repaid if the United States attacked Cuba and assassinated its senior figures.

Another CIA document classified as “Only for Secret Persons” outlined the agency’s assassination plots against Fidel Castro. The CIA suggested that underground criminal networks with links to Cuba could be used for this.

The documents also include reports on the FBI’s efforts to track and investigate the likes of Santo Trafficante Jr. and Sam Giancana, well-known figures in the mafia. The names of these mafia bosses were often referred to along with conspiracies related to the Kennedy assassination.

Among the 1,500 documents released are documents on matters other than the Kennedy assassination. At the top of these are those related to counterintelligence efforts of the 1960s. These documents, which will attract the attention of those related to the history of the Cold War, include so many tedious details about equipment and personnel used to monitor the embassies of Cuba and the Soviet Union in Mexico City.


Dallas P.D. couldn’t protect Oswald.

According to a document written by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the bureau alerted Dallas Police to a death threat against Oswald, but failed to protect him.

On November 24, 1963, Hoover said, “A calm-voiced man who called our office in Dallas last night said he was part of an organization set up to kill Oswald. We immediately Notified the Commissioner, who assured us that Oswald would be carefully guarded. We called the Police Commissioner again this morning and got the same assurance, but it wasn’t done.”

USSR feared “irresponsible” US missile launch

According to FBI documents, the Soviet Union considered Oswald a “neurotic maniac who was not loyal to his own country and anything else.” Soviet officials thought kennedy’s assassination could have been a right-wing coup or a conspiracy by JFK’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, and worried that an irresponsible general in the united States, which remains leaderless, could fire missiles at the USSR.

Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as president a few hours after the assassination.

Happiness prevailed in Cuba

When the U.S. House of Representatives went to Havana for examinations in 1978, Castro told American lawmakers that his country had nothing to do with the assassination. But according to CIA documents, in 1963, cuba’s ambassador to the United States welcomed the news of his death.

Oswald was wanted before the assassination.

The FBI’s Dallas unit was trying to track down Oswald in October 1963. As a result of information from sources in Cuba, Oswald drew attention and the Dallas team was informed. In the days before the assassination, the FBI was working to locate Oswald.

Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy

Oswald’s shooting

Ruby was good with the Dallas police.

A few days after Jack Ruby killed Oswald, a report by one of the FBI’s informants said ruby ran a nightclub where the consoms worked, and dallas police were never involved. But the informant was surprised ruby killed Oswald. Rather, he said, he “shot himself in the leg with a .22-caliber gun and expected him to get attention.”

The FBI was concerned about conspiracy theories from the very first moment.

“I have concerns about putting forward something so that we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin,” Hoover said in his November 24 message.

Secret details revealed 58 years later: Who killed President Kennedy

The CIA had a lot of assassination plots.

The CIA was plotting to assassinate many country leaders, especially Castro. The other assassins were Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba and Indonesian President Sukarno. Thousands of dollars in cash, supplies and weapons support bills sent to carry out anti-Communism activities in many places, including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Congo, North and South Vietnam, were also included in the documents.

The assassination of a British newspaper was foreshadnounced.

A reporter for a local cambridge evening news newspaper was told by an anonymous call shortly before JFK’s assassination, “If you want to hear the big news, call the U.S. Embassy.” After news of the president’s death broke, the reporter called the police and the police called MI5 to inform them. An INVESTIGATION by MI5 found a 25-minute difference between an anonymous call and the shooting of JFK.

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