Samsung integrates SmartThings technology into its devices!

Samsung announced at CES 2022 that it will integrate SmartThings technology into its devices. Here are the details…

Samsung SmartThingstoday announced more details about the integration of SmartThings Hub software into certain 2022 Samsung Smart TVs,smart monitors and Family Hub refrigerators. The inclusion of shared SmartThings Hub software at CES 2022brings Samsung products to the heart of the modern home, providing seamless connectivity and control.

According to the 2021 Connectivity and Mobile Trends Surveypublished by Deloitte, households in the U.S.have an average of 25 connected devices. Consumers are increasingly prioritizing ease of use, interoperability, and cost when purchasing.

SmartThings is at the heart of creating a home experience

With SmartThings’future support for Matter, the billions of devices and smart home interoperability standards already compatible with the rich partnership ecosystem, SmartThings is at the heart of creating a unified connected home experience.

samsung-smartthings-technology-integrating into devices

SmartThings Hub’sintegration leverages a variety of smart home communication protocols to enable users to get good use of Samsung devices. In addition to Matter,the built-in software supports connectivity over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, enabling communication between a wide range of smart devices. An optional USB accessory also provides additional connectivity to Zigbee devices.

Samsung Electronics joins Home Connectivity Alliance

Samsung Electronics today joined the Home Connectivity Alliancewith leading manufacturers in the smart home field, aiming to promote interoperability and greater security. Samsung Electronics is afounding member of The Electrolux Group, GE Appliances and Trane Technologies and Home Connectivity Alliance. The Alliance has brought together leading connected device manufacturers to improve the compatibility of smart devices among brands.

samsung-smartthings-technology-integrating into devices

For Samsung users, this means the ability to operate and control devices from other brands through smart home platform SmartThings. It makes it easier for consumers to integrate old and new devices into their connected homes. Alternatively, consumers can access Samsung devices from other HCA apps.

Smart home board from Samsung arrives

Samsungunveiled its first standalone SmartThings smart home controller at CES 2022. Smart Home Hubis designed as a central place for a household to check and watch their smart home without having to buy a $4,000 smart fridge.

samsung-smartthings-technology-integrating into devices

There is not much detail other than that the product is only coming to Korea at the moment. The device’s vertical display looks more useful for smart home control than the horizontal one. Because this way more icons can fit on the screen. Ideally, more controls can be accessed quickly. The Smart Home Hub stand looks like you’ll be able to use the screen horizontally if you prefer.

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