Russia made its own Instagram: Here’s the Grustnogram!

After Russia banned Instagram, Russian app developers developed a melancholic version called Grustnogram.

The result of Russia’s war and invasion of Ukraine was very heavy for the Russian people. Not only economic sanctions and technology embargoes, but almost all known digital services of US and European companies have been blocked.

Of course, this includes mutual discussions between Russia and Meta. As a result, Facebook announced that it would not impose restrictions even if the posts made against Russia were prohibited content, while the Russian side decided to block services such as Instagram. But Russian app developers have launched Grustnogram (English Sadgram), a slightly more melancholic version of Instagram.

Melancholic Grustnogram move from the Russians after the Instagram ban! 

Russia announced that it will restrict access to Instagram from March 14 and implemented this plan. In addition, he found Meta guilty of his extremist activities, which allowed violence to be shared against him.


Of course, Instagram was used very actively by Russians as well as all over the world. In fact, according to the shared data, 80 million people, that is, almost half of Russia, were actively sharing photos on this platform.

However, as a result of the access barriers brought after the ban, only some users could continue to connect using various services such as VPN, so the rate of access to Instagram from Russia fell to the bottom. However, some Russian application developers took advantage of this vulnerability and developed alternatives.

Among these, an application called Grustnogram came to the fore. But unlike the existing platforms, he expresses what users demand with the words “Post sad pictures of yourself, show this to your sad friends, be sad together”.


In fact, instead of the like – heart shape – on Instagram, the expression of a broken heart and being sad is used. So when someone posts a sad photo, you can send a broken heart or sad face emoticons or share a sad photo in return.

Developed by a total of four people, two of whom are freelance programmers, Alexander Tokarev, who is the head of this application, said that they will be on the Play Store until the end of next week. He expressed the platform as follows:

We are very sorry that many quality and popular services have stopped working in Russia for various reasons. We created Grustnogram to grieve this situation together and to support each other.

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