PS3’s legendary game has been resurrected after 15 years!

The production can be played online again with the work done for MotorStorm, one of the release games of Sony PlayStation 3.

MotorStorm,released by Sony in 2006 and one of ps3’s first batch games, became unplayable online following a 2012 announcement. The game, whose servers were shut down by Sony almost 10 years ago, has been resurrected by fans.

MotorStorm can be replayed online

MotorStorm, an off-road racing game developed by Evolution Studios and BigBig Studios, caused a lot of outrage, especially when it was first announced. MotorStorm, which was said to be the best graphic racing game ever for that period, had a successful debut, reaching a total of 3 million sales.

Although it has its own fan base, MotorStorm’s online gaming servers have been completely shut down by Sony as the PlayStation 4release date approaches. Since then, there has been some interesting news for fans who can’t play the game online in any way.

The team, PSONE, created a dedicated server that allows the game to be played through both PS3 and RPPCS3 (the famous emulator that allows PS3 games to be played on PC). The same team had previously created servers for online play of many old PlayStation games, such as Killzone 2, Warhawk, Socom Confrontation, and Twisted Metal Black.

As you can watch from the video above, the game is very fluid and can be played online without problems. However, you need to set your DNS settings to PSONE servers before you can log in to online mode. After clicking here, you can use your PS3 normally on the internet and get online support for supported games.

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