Prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine: 32 Ukrainian soldiers released

Andrey Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, announced that the bodies of 32 Ukrainian soldiers and Israeli Dmytro Fialka, who was killed while serving as a volunteer in the Ukrainian army, were recovered in the prisoner exchange with Russia.

There Was A Prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine . Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, Andrey Yermak, said in a statement that the body of Israeli Dmytro Fialka, who died at the front while serving voluntarily for the Ukrainian army with 32 Ukrainian soldiers, was retrieved as a result of the prisoner exchange with Russia. “A new prisoner exchange took place today. We were able to retrieve 32 of our fighters and the body of Israeli Dmytro Fialka. Among those retrieved are officers, sergeants and soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. All of them were in places of fierce fighting. All of these people were considered missing,” Yermak said. .

Referring to the situation of Fialka in particular, Yermak said, “Especially the deceased Israeli Dmytro Fialka has been living in Ukraine for the last two years and was the football coach of the children at the Dinamo Lviv football club. He fought for Ukraine. He went to the front voluntarily,” said Fialka. He also stated that he was married and had children here.

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