Passenger who went into space with Blue Origin has died!

Last month, it was announced that one of the passengers who went into space with Blue Origin had recently died. Here are the detailsRecently, there have been some very concrete developments in space tourism. Undoubtedly, jeff bezos’ s blue origin and elon musk’s spacex are one of them. Blue Origin even made its second space trip in October, including passengers such as Star Trek legend William Shatner. However, recent reports suggest that one of these passengers has died.

Glen De Vries who went into space with Blue Origin dies

Glen de Vries,the founder of Medidata Solutions, which went into space in October as part of Blue Origin’s second space trip, died in a plane crash in New Jersey on Thursday. New Jersey State Police said in a statement that the plane crashed in a wooded area in Hampton Township.

The plane in question was a four-seater, high-wing, single-engine Cessna 172, while Glen de Vries,49, as well as a 54-year-old man were killed in the crash. In addition, it is not clear at this time who was driving the plane. At this point, vries is known to pilot as a hobby, while the other person owns a flight school called Fischer Aviation.

Blue Origin
Glen De Vries

Blue Origin said after the death of its civilian astronaut:

We are devastated to hear of the sudden death of Glen de Vries. He added energy and mobility to the Blue Origin team and his teammates. His passion for aviation, his charitable work and his dedication to his profession will forever be respected and appreciated.

Finally, the cause of the accident has not yet been determined. However, the National Transportation Safety Board is reportedly investigating the crash meticulously.

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