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‘Object’ found to shed light on how life emerged on Earth…

Astronomers have identified an object that could shed light on the secrets of the formation of life on Earth. The new discovery could reveal vital information about how water and life arose on Earth.

scientistsfound a rare object in our solar system that has both cometary and asteroid features. Comets are usually in the cold outer part of the Solar System,NeptuneIt lies beyond Earth’s orbit and comes into being through the process of ice turning into gas, known as sublimation.

Their extremely long orbits allow them to come close to the Sun and Earth only for a short time. This approach heats them up, forming their signature tails.

Asteroids, on the other hand, are usually located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and are thought to have been in the hot part of our system for about 5 billion years. These objects usually do not contain ice.

However, there are a few extraordinary exceptions to this dichotomy, known as the “main belt comet”. asteroid248370 This specimen, known as the , is one of about 20 objects already confirmed or suspected to exist.


senior scientist at the Planetary Sciences Institute Henry Hsieh”248370 is both an asteroid and a comet, or more specifically, a main belt asteroid that has recently been found to be a comet at the same time,” he said.

It fits the physical description of a comet, possibly because it’s icy and has the orbit of an asteroid, but it throws dust into space. This duality and blurriness of the boundary between what was previously thought to be two completely separate types of objects (asteroid and comet) is part of what makes these objects so interesting.

Surrounded by a dust cloud of the asteroid, about three km. with a solid head wide and about 724 thousand km. long but only 1,400 km. It has a wide tail.

“This extremely narrow tail tells us that dust particles are barely ejected from the core at extremely slow speed, and that the runaway gas flow that normally ejects dust from a comet into space is extremely weak in this comet. The velocity is so low that “It makes it harder for it to escape its own gravitational force, so this suggests something else might be helping the dust escape. For example, the core might be spinning fast enough to eject the dust partially lifted by the escaping gas into space.”

The discovery of this strange object will ignite further research. Because it is thought that a significant part of the water on Earth was carried by asteroids in the main belt hitting the planet. These rocks offer a possible way to test that hypothesis and learn more about the origin of life on Earth.

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