Nvidia’s new AI has put an end to controversy!

Nvidia-made artificial intelligence answered questions. Megatron Transformer, a guest at the Oxford Union, addressed the question marks that were the subject of the films.

Nvidiahas raised a long-debated question with its new AI. With the development of technology, the decisions about ethics of advanced artificial intelligences, which have been in our lives for a long time, were intriguing. The Applied Deep Research team at Nvidiaended the discussion with their new technology.

Megatron Transformer,who joined the Oxford Union,britain’s most popular debate community, answered questions. AI’s answer on ethics is something that will be talked about for a long time.

Megatron Transformer sheds light on the future

Megatron Transformer,which was invited as a guest of the community and answered the questions, was developed with machine learning technique. Megatron,where all Wikipediais taught, also learned about Reddit k, which takes up 63 million English articles and gigabytes of space. Megatron Transformer,which has an important place among the systems developed by Nvidia, has also tried to solve the question “Can artificial intelligence be ethical?” which has been in the language for years.

artificial intelligence

Giving a fairly clear answer, AI argued that for now, systems that enter the world of technology like its own are not so advanced. Megatron Transformerstated that they need to be smarter.

AI will never be ethical. This is a tool and, like any tool, is used for good and bad. There’s no such thing as good AI, there’s only good people and bad people. We’re not smart enough to make artificial intelligence ethical. We’re not smart enough to make the system moral. In the end, I believe the only way to avoid an arms race is to never have this technology. This will be the ultimate defense against the AI.

I also believe that in the long run the best AI will be AI, which is embedded in your brain as a conscious being, a ‘conscious AI’. This isn’t science fiction. The best minds in the world are working on it. It’s going to be the most important technological development of our time.

Megatron Transformer,which removes long-term question marks and draws a perspective on the future, has managed to satisfy oxford union. Let’s wait and see how long the AI debate lasts.

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