NFT initiative for financial support from Ukraine!

Ukraine has sought financial support to continue its armed struggle with Russia. This time, the country is entering the world of NFT.

In recent days, the world has turned its sights to the human drama in Ukraine. Many countries and large companies have started sanctions against Russia and Russian society in order to establish their positions. The Kremlin has faced heavy sanctions, especially from the United States and Europe. Ukraine also continues to look for various ways to defend itself.

Fedorov: “We will announce NFT’s to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces”

After the invasion of Russia, many countries and organizations continue to support Ukraine. As armed conflict continues almost every day, Ukraine is also looking for ways to finance its own armed forces. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, whose Twitter calls led to a major series of sanctions, tweeted an interesting for financial support.

Fedorov recently said he had raised more than £200m from the sale of the bonds. The country’s needs are high, the deputy prime minister said, adding that they are preparing to enter the world of NFT, which has recently grown in popularity in order to provide more resources. Fedorov stated in his statement:

Every day there are more people who want to help Ukraine fight aggression. Instead, we will soon announce NFT’s to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We have no plans to give any interchangeable tokens.

Ukraine continues to put its efforts forward in order to continue its armed struggle against Russia. A few days ago, he made $270 million from the war bonds auction. For the budget, the country’s finance ministry said that “the proceeds from the bonds will be used to meet the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

Ukraine continues to receive support from outside. Recently, the World Bank and imf announced that they are working on a multibillion-dollar package for Ukraine to be issued in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, bitcoin continues to donate to Ukraine.

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