Next generation Android malware: EventBot

Security researchers have discovered a new Andriod malware. EventBot banking malware has access to more than 200 cryptocurrency and banking applications.

The world of malware continues to appear in different ways every day. Security researchers have commented on the newly discovered EventBot banking malware.

EventBot banking malware is on the agenda!

With the introduction of smartphones into our lives, malware began to appear in different ways. Security researchers at Cybereason have discovered a malware that has full authority in the Android operating system.

Eventbot banking malware worries users

EventBot, which deletes from the system after accessing two-factor verification messages that come to the Android device, is prepared in such a way that users do not doubt anything. Security expert Assaf Dahan, ” EventBot was created with a lot of overtime. This malware, which we discovered in March, is constantly being updated and renewing itself.”

Dahan said that so far they have not found any malware of similar professionalism. This malware seems to have been written from scratch,” he said.

EventBot acts like the apps that have authority in the Android root directory to gain full access to the device. Once installed, PayPal can leak data from financial apps such as Coinbase and CapitalOne, as well as 200 banking and cryptocurrency wallet apps.

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