NASA shared! The striking similarity in Salda Lake and Mars…

He shared a new Salda Lake from NASA ‘s Instagram account . He repeated the notion that the rocks in Jezero Crater on Mars and the rocks in Lake Salda are alike.

NASAIn the post on ‘s Instagram account “AnthemHave you ever wondered what it looked like billions of years ago? We do. Today, the surface of Mars is deprived of this fascinating view of water. Our Perseverance is busy exploring Jezero Crater, which scientists think flowed into the river delta and lake 3.5 billion years ago. The rocks in the photo are in TurkeySalda Lakeadorns the coastline. Minerals in the water provide some of the earliest known fossilized records of life on our planet. “Scientists hope to better understand the signs of life by studying microbial fossils on Earth.”

NASA shared the remarkable similarity in Salda Lake and Mars

NASA shared the results of the research on Salda Lake in Burdur, which has a similar mineral formation and geological structure in Jezero Crater on Mars, on Twitter.

Regarding Salda’s similarity to Jezero Crater, the following statements were made: “You might not think that a lake in southwestern Turkey has much in common with an impact crater on Mars, but the two basins contain similar mineralogy and geology. In fact, Lake Salda is one It is the only known lake in the world to contain carbonate minerals and deltas similar to those found in Jezero Crater, which was once thought to have had a lake.”

Briony Horgan, a planetary scientist at Purdue University and member of the Perseverance science team, and colleagues from Istanbul Technical University went to Salda Lake in the summer of 2019 to study the shorelines and its surroundings.

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