NASA announces decision to rename ‘James Webb Telescope’…

NASA has been the subject of controversy with the name it has chosen for its new telescope. Because when Jamess Webb , who was criticized for his anti-gay policies, announced that the name would be given to the new telescope, it was discussed in scientific circles that it was wrong. NASA has evaluated these criticisms, but is not going to change the name for its new telescope, which will replace the Hubble Telescope. So the name of the telescope will remain as the James Webb Telescope.

NASAThe launch, which was previously planned for 2019, was postponed to 2021 due to some construction errors.

Thanks to its advanced optical equipment, the James Webb Telescope will be able to examine the state of the universe 200 million years after the “Big Bang”, which caused the formation of the universe approximately 13.7 billion years ago.

NASA announces decision to rename James Webb Telescope

To remind you, the name of this new telescope, which will replace the Hubble Space Telescope, was determined as the James Webb Space Telescope. James Webb was a long-time administrator at NASA. Webb, who achieved significant success in his own time, is also remembered for the hate crimes he committed. Webb, who fired employees on the grounds that they were homosexual, was requested not to be named to the telescope for this reason.

Scientists even published a joint article on the subject. It was underlined in the article that the name should be changed. NASA announced that it has evaluated the criticisms in this article, but the name of the James Webb Space Telescope will remain the same. However, the debate on the subject continues.

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