Moving to the new system! Postal and cargo transportation in that country will be made by UAV.

Kenya Post Office (PCK) announced that mail and cargo at certain weights and distances will be transported by unmanned aerial vehicles .

PCK General Manager Dan Kagwe announced that they have agreed to a 3-year agreement with a private company for unmanned aerial vehicle transportation. Stating that they will start using unmanned aerial vehicles for mail and cargo shipments, Kagwe said that this technologyKenyaHe stated that they want it to be more widespread in .

Kagwe pointed out that they took this step for the purpose of technological development as well as commercial development.

Medical supplies and products purchased from the internet are among the cargoes to be transported by unmanned aerial vehicles. Cargoes with a maximum weight of 4 kilograms can be transported up to a distance of 70 kilometers.

Previously, African countries such as Rwanda and Ghana had started to use unmanned aerial vehicles for transportation.

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