Microsoft announces new app store rules!

Microsoft has announced its new Open App Store Policies, saying it will stay away from issues apple is accused of. Here are the details…

Microsoft has announced new rules called Open App Store Policies for the Windows app store and future game console marketplaces. These come to Microsoft, which has pledged not to do directly what Apple is accused of, such as gaining unfair advantages over developers who rely on app stores.

The rules are aimed at addressing fears about Microsoft’s latest Activision Blizzard acquisition. At this point, the tech giant plans to move away from its two biggest rivals, which promote app store restrictions and legislation.

Microsoft doesn’t want to do what Apple is accused of

Microsoft said the Open App Store Policies are based on app store legislation considered by governments around the world, including the United States and the EU. In a new post, the company said:

“We want regulators and the public to know that as a company, Microsoft is committed to complying with these new laws and we continue to do so on these principles.”



It does not cover the operating system, where Microsoft makes concessions, such as allowing developers to use their own payment systems and opening the Windows store to third-party app stores, as well as reducing Windows games. The company has now indicated that it will also open its Xbox store.

“Just as Windows has become an open and widely used platform, we see the future of the game in a similar way.”

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