Metaverse review for mixed reality title from Apple

Apple is stepping up its efforts for a mixed reality headset. Accordingly, Apple made the first comment on the Metaverse relationship of the title.

Apple has been working on a mixed reality headset with VR and AR for a long time. The tech giant acknowledged that it has made improvements in this regard, though not by official means. New reveals whether Apple is planning a Metaverse universe for virtual reality headset.

Apple doesn’t like Metaverse universe for mixed reality title

Although Apple has pioneered many technologies in the last decade, the company prefers not to adapt immediately to some technological developments. One of the main reasons for this is that the new technology is not ready to meet the user. In this sense, the mixed reality title, which has been developed for years, has also reached the final stages for a good user experience.

The Metaverse trend, which mark Zuckerbergignited, has gained a lot of momentum recently. However, Apple is not keen on the Metaverse universe at the moment, bloomberg’s Mark Gurmanreports in a special bulletin. In fact, the Apple mixed reality headset, which is expected to be released as of 2023-2024, will not offer an improvement in this new field.

Zuckerberg has taken the first steps towards the Metaverse world, but for the moment this new virtual universe is still in its infancy. Especially in developed countries, vr headset sales are not very high, which is one of the biggest obstacles in terms of the spread of this technology.

Meta stands out in this field with Oculus VR headsets. Another of the most ambitious companies in VR headset is HTC. The smartphone giant of an era has significant investments in this field. Apple’s unofficial statement is frustrating for Metaverse investors in the first place. But if Metaverse– seen as the future of the internet – can indeed open the door to virtual reality – it seems unlikely that Apple will sn pass up this opportunity. According to Mark Gurman, Apple is currently just following this new trend.

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