Meta has erased Facebook’s tracks from somewhere else!

Updated the developer name of Facebook-owned mobile apps in the Google Play Store and App Store to ‘Meta’.

Meta Platforms, Inc., the company founded to launch Mark Zuckerberg’s crazy project Metaverse, was unveiled in October. In this context, the roofing company of applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus was previously Facebook Inc.; Things have turned around. All platforms, including Facebook itself, have been incorporated into Meta.

As a result, the traces of the rebranding process were reflected in Meta’s mobile applications. For example, before October 28, the word ‘from FACEBOOK’ greeted users at the launch of WhatsApp and Instagram. This phrase was replaced with Zuckerberg’s new company and the words ‘from Meta’ were added to the apps. The company has made a similar innovation in digital stores now.

Facebook’s developer officially becomes ‘Meta Platforms, Inc’

The developer name of facebook-owned apps has changed in the Google Play Store and App Store. The company, which previously appeared in stores under the name ‘Facebook Inc’, made its corporate identity Meta Platforms, Inc. The change only applies to apps such as Facebook mobile, Messenger, Spark AR Player, Facebook Gaming, Oculus, Messenger Kids, Facebook Lite.

Although Instagram and WhatsApp are also legally affiliated with Meta Platforms, Inc., the developer name of their mobile apps has not changed. The developer page of both platforms in the App Store and Google Play Store remained ‘Instagram Inc.’ and ‘WhatsApp Inc.’, respectively.

However, before the meta company’s founding, it said Instagram Inc. and WhatsApp Inc. So there’s nothing new.

With Meta, the goals have changed

The rebranding process, announced by Mark Zuckerberg on October 28th, is one of the most significant changes in internet history. Zuckerberg said Facebook can’t cover all the projects they invest in as a company. He also stressed that they want to be referred to as a Metaverse-heavy company in the future, adding:

Our brand has become so identified with a single product that it is impossible to fully represent what we are doing today, let alone the next period. I am proud to share that our company is now Metain order to reflect our identity and the future we hope to build. All our products, including our applications, now share a new vision; Bringing metaverse to life.

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