MediaTek users beware: Millions of devices are at risk!

The smartphone industry is expanding day by day. As a result, the number of companies producing processors that are the heart of these small smart boxes is increasing. In particular, there has been a fierce battle recently between Qualcomm, MediaTek and the competitive Tensor processor and the relatively newcomer Google.

Although they go through serious control processes before they are released, vulnerabilities that may in some cases threaten user security can be identified on these processors. A new one was recently added to these. A vulnerability has been detected in MediaTek processors.

Devices that use MediaTek processors could be listened to because of the vulnerability

Recently, Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point Research said it had identified vulnerabilities in processors manufactured by Taiwanese tech giant MediaTek, which has a market capitalization of $60 billion. Because of this vulnerability, a third of all smartphones and electronics that can connect to the internet in the world face serious dangers such as the ability to listen in on phone calls.

According to the researchers, the detected vulnerability is caused by a component in MediaTek processors that processes sound signals. At this point, it is stated that it targets MediaTek audio software, which is very difficult, but not impossible, for hackers to exploit the vulnerability. This opens the way for actions that threaten user security, such as tapping smartphones and installing malware.

Finally, Check Point Research announced that MediaTek had eliminated the vulnerability with an update in October. However, the company warns that there may be users who have not yet received an update on the issue, in which case smartphone manufacturers should be contacted immediately.

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