Malware threat on 30,000 Macs!

Security researchers said they had detected malicious software lurking on about 30,000 Mac computers. Software called Silver Sparrow also threatens Apples with M1 devices.

Security researchers from Malwarebytes, VMWare Carbon Black and Red Canary have discovered malware lurking on about 30,000 Mac computers. The malware, called silver sparrow, could even work on Apple’s systems with the new M1 chip.

Silver Sparrow could also cause problems with M1 systems

This malware, which quietly affected about 30,000 systems, was uncovered by a joint analysis by researchers Red Canary, Malwarebytes and VMWare Carbon Black. As of February 17, Silver Sparrow is integrated into 29,139 macOS operating systems in 153 countries, according to Red Canary’s Tony Lambert.


While information about how the malware spreads and infects users remains lacking, there are claims that Silver Sparrow is hidden in malicious ads, pirated apps, and fake Flash updaters. The real problem is that the purpose of this software has not yet been understood by the researchers. Because the investigations did not find that the software was used to cause any damage.

In addition, one wonders how much the malware will affect macOS systems running on Apple’s latest M1 architecture. Silver Sparrow, the second malware discovered to work in M1 architectures, has revealed how important the threat is to Apple.

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