Lawsuit from Russia: YouTube may be penalized!

Russia sued Google over YouTube! The company could be fined for the videos, here are the details…

The effects of the war after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also showed its effects in the cyber world. Russia has been blocked from almost all social media platforms, with some tech giants accused of spying on Russia. Russia has now sued Google over YouTube for failing to remove videos with banned information and presenting false information about the war.

YouTube and Google Play have recently closed Russian channels’ advertising revenue, subscriptions and all revenues of the country. Russia, on the other hand, announced its Play Store alternative, NashStore. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Google can be fined against Russia!

Russia’s communications spokesperson announced that they have filed two administrative lawsuits against Google on the grounds that YouTube did not remove videos containing prohibited information from its platform and that this was misleading.

Russia’s Federal Information Technologies and Mass Media Inspection Service announced that Google would be fined 8 million rubles 92,000 dollars (approximately 1,348,025.40 Turkish liras) if Google repeated these violations. He also announced that Google may have to give 20% of its annual revenue in Russia to the government.

Russia’s Federal Information Technologies and Mass Media Inspection Service said in its statements that YouTube has become one of the key platforms in the field of information about the war. Google has not yet made a statement on the matter.

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