Last minute: US troops have arrived in Poland!

The first of the troops sent by the United States to support NATO forces has arrived in Poland due to concerns about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The First group of us troops sent to Europe to support European NATO allies has arrived in Poland.

The Latest: US troops arrive in Poland

Polish Army spokesman Major Przemyslaw Lipczynski said the first group of the 1,700-strong contingent had arrived at the airport in Jesionka, and announced that the rest would arrive soon.

It’s the 82nd day of the incoming soldiers. He’s from the Airborne Division.


US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby recently announced that they would deploy a total of 3,000 troops to Romania, including 1,000 to Germany and 2,000 to Poland, as a deterrent against Russia.

The Latest: US troops arrive in Poland

The United States has about 4,500 troops stationed in Poland as a result of both NATO and bilateral agreements.

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